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Consumer expectations for ease, responsiveness, and personalisation over technological and physical features are driving a shift in the retail industry.

It is challenging to gather, organise, and manage client information across all of these touch points. The enterprise has information silos created by legacy systems and sources of data, including surveys, in-store POS, CRM, and more.

Retailers can create more tailored shopper interactions, engage with their devoted client base, and boost sales through relevant and timed promotions by fusing physical in-store data from IoT with electronic customer data to create 360-degree customer profiles.

Current Market Situation

dependable retail analytics

Analysis of Ad Twist and Dwell Client interactions with promotions and products are the focus of live time analysis and ad performance analytics.

cameras that recognise

With the help of Smart Alerts, you may use facial recognition technology from Smart Retail to accurately identify VIPs or well-known shoplifters as they enter a store.

Customer number

The foundation of business intelligence is counting. It is important to know how many customers enter and exit stores since this information may be used to put various processes, such gross revenue, into context.

Client Metrics

Customer Metrics captures what subscription and credit card swipes overlook, including every customer who didn't make a purchase as well as more quantified, qualitative data on those who did.

detection of intrusions

Keep an eye on the safe areas of your trunk or warehouse by keeping an eye out for loitering or unauthorised entrances. Be on the lookout for intrusions or uninvited guests in restricted or protected areas.

Queue Supervisor

Utilize thorough analytics to manage your store floor while monitoring POS channels and other areas. This information can trigger alerts that notify internal teams of wait times that are longer than usual, enabling better client service and reducing unneeded lines.

Conversion of Shops

The context of revenue amounts is provided by store conversion. The Shop conversion products from Smart Retail can accurately keep track of customers who enter and make purchases as well as those who do not.

Map of traffic

It is evident from the Traffic Map how clients travel about the premises. The system keeps track of people's whereabouts and their interactions with various goods and services.

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