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B2C market place 

The professional developers of Guitaa Web Service are well-experienced in developing multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplace by considering important terms like account data, shipping process, and other useful details. We enable buyers to access a single platform for purchasing the required products and services. 

Guitaa Web Service offers feature-rich and high-quality solutions that help customers in fulfilling their requirements regarding e-commerce development. With our best e-commerce solutions, customers can easily manage their brands on online platforms. Online stores are very beneficial for the promotion of goods and services. Take our best solutions for e-commerce development and promote your brand. 

B2B trade channel 

With the help of the B2B trade channel, wholesalers, suppliers, trading stakeholders, manufacturers, and other traders can easily connect within an integrated location. Guitaa Web Service helps the businesses and provides them multichannel for establishing strong bonding and partnership with other companies or businesses.