Banking & Finance Enterprise Solutions
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In the era of digitization, the banking, financial, and insurance sector is facing a lot of challenges in the areas of client service, cost-effectiveness, approachability, and supervisory compliance. Our banking, financial, and insurance IT solutions are specially meant to focus on client-centric requirements, fast-track operational competence, lessen risks and offer high-quality value-added services. We ensure that our BFSI based IT solutions assist clients in classifying and understanding business goals with advantages such as efficient operations, novel pricing models, lessened security risks, improvised business agility, and maximized RoI.  
Our IT solutions in this sector take the best from the years of domain expertise that we have, in serving the financial sector and the business solutions that have been widely accepted by business segments across the globe. Our well-defined quality processes and project execution methodologies ensure that we stay a step ahead of the rest in terms of achieving technology and solution excellence. At Guitaa Web Service, we help organizations leverage the potential of technology modernization and make the most out of it when it comes to the banking, finance, and insurance sector. Our robust and scalable online banking solutions, mobile wallet solutions, data analytics solutions, and payment automation solutions showcase a large amount of domain experience and expertise that carries an edge over the others.  

Banking & Finance Custom Software Development

Giving a completely engaging experience to users, this is a set of business software systems that focus on resource planning, management & operational control between different departments/sections/offices/locations. Diverse software modules to focus on separate working areas and integrated through intermediate modules.

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BFSI Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Mobility enabled BFSI IT solutions for the enterprise to accurately create technology with business models. Advanced websites, mobile devices all over, automated & secure banking services are the key USPs.
  • Mobile tracking of operations
  • Enterprise systems & business intelligence
  • Tracking and notification services design
  • Cloud-based services & Mobile banking services
  • Online banking & financial management

BFSI Portal Design & Development

User engaging, visually appealing web portal design and development especially for the banking, insurance, and finance sector. Able portals to establish in the competitive market.

Seamless navigation

Secure data access
Secure data access

Banner / emailer / product design

Visually appealing

User friendly
User friendly

Social media integration

BFSI Analytics
An in-depth and insightful data analytics platform through which the client can make detailed inferences on the effects of advertising. It will optimize advertising channels & strategies to their best.
  • Banking analytics and reporting
  • Integrated & advanced data analytics 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Big Data analytics & Dashboards/reports for analysis

BFSI Mobile App Development

Interactive mobile apps, almost impossible to resist in this industry – these apps are focused on giving what the user needs. It offers better viewer engagement and thereby further growth in the BFSI industry. Customer mobile enablement, smart support services, digital signature are the USPs.

Predictive analysis and trend forecasting
Real time updates on news / information
Payment integration
Audio / video functionality & Latest news
Customized alerts
Notifications & Social media integration

Cloud-Based BFSI Solutions

Cloud-based solutions cater to major banking and financial activities through the cloud, increasing agility, efficiency, and effectiveness to the optimum.

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