Mapping out the search
to your business destination

Why Google Maps ?
–  In the upcoming years businesses which have a very good Web presence are expected to grow 40% faster than the businesses that do not.
Can maps help your business ?
–  By increasing  the traffic of your business site you would appear on the front page of search results and you will always be ahead of your competitors by having potential customers.
GWS ensures and makes sure that  you stand out from your competitors.
Here are some stats to help you understand the important &  necessity  of Google Maps Optimization :
1) 40% of online users search for nearby local businesses
2) 65% of mobile phone users reach out to businesses via phone call and only 25% of mobile phone users will be reaching you
3) 75% of people research about the product online before purchasing it.
          With the increasing number of the requirement for accurate and faster results. We give lending hand for  today’s local businesses to meet the searches needs .If your business appears on Google Maps  you have a greater chance of reaching your customers.  Due to recent advancements in search algorithms optimized business website are no longer getting the local exposure that it needs .Hence it is necessary for your business to appear on Google Maps .
// about key features

Key Features of the Services

1) Claiming your listing

Claiming your listing is similar to gaining ownership and  correcting  any existing information or add extra content which will help your business to be  placed ahead of your competitors and appear higher on the search results.

2) Optimizing your Google listing

The listing on Google Maps plays a vital role in generating local attention and the required traffic to your businesses. Your business  need to be visible on mobile searches and this can only be achieved by  optimizing your Google listing.

3) Necessity of Optimization

In order to optimize the listing ,your complete profile must be  created which includes additional  information and some resourceful data.  We ensure your listing by Optimizing your business on google  maps  and make sure it is in the right spot . This  will grant visibility to your  consumers.

Target Audience




General Public, Mobile Phone users , Businesses , Enterprises , Companies , Business agents etc


Our Approches & Experties

Our Approches
It is very important for your business to show up on Google maps for relevant searches, and to achieve this we follow several strategies and methods. Our team will start from claiming and creating a listing for your business by providing  the correct details. We will also pick the best suited categories for your business and ensure your information is consistent across Internet. We would enhance your profile by adding high quality photos and cultivate good reviews about your business. Our team will list your business on several directories and make use of analytics to adapt to the latest strategies and algorithms of Google Maps.
Our Experties
Our team at GWS will help your business in an end to end development of strategies and approaches so that you rank better on Google and your listing is appears on Google maps. Our team will focus on the basic and most vital details such as Optimizing your listing by adding necessary information about your business and making sure all the factors about your business exist on the Internet . Our team includes highly dedicated personnel who are ever ready for the challenges ahead and will solve every problem that is ahead of us. We would also analyze the reviews and rating of your business and develop strategies which will help you on ranking better and optimizing your business on Google maps.

How it works –

1) Accuracy check

We check the accuracy of your information that is provided, especially of the name address and phone number in order to  prevent  differences  in some other websites and  because of these variations  your business might not make an appearance on the map.

2) Business description

The  description of businesses play a vital role in providing information to the customers.  the description should be a well-written accurate  explanation of your business that is pitched  perfectly to clients.  A short compelling and on to the point description, with use of important keyword which portrays a better image of the businesses  will be put into use by us.

3) Time of operation

Optimizing and listing is completed only when the business hours are added  and these  time details are essential to achieve growth and potential customers . The  would help customers so that they visit you only when you are available .

4) Photos and videos

We would be adding photos and videos which  will add value to the listing as well as connect you with potential customers.  Photos and videos will  make an  impact and  draw customers which will lead them to clicking on your website.

5) Regular Reporting

We follow a pattern of effective & regular reporting which will help your organization to understand better  about the processes that we undertake and how it will impact your business.


1) Is Google Maps useful for local businesses ?

Ans : Google has designed the maps pack to display local businesses that meet the needs of a searcher and if your business appears in the maps you have a upper hand on getting the attention of searchers. Thus it is important for your local businesses to do well.

2) Will we get higher sales because of Google Maps optimization?

Ans : Yes, due to the viewing of searches of your business on maps it will draw attention for more and more customers which will result in higher sales

3) Is it necessary to give exact details of your business?

Ans : Yes  giving exact details of your business is very important as a clear picture is given to your customers which will help them gain trust on your businesses

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